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Nuventis provides sales consulting for companies that need help getting into strategic accounts. We develop playbooks to target different personas in large enterprise accounts and align marketing and inside sales teams to ensure the right message reaches the right influencer or buyer. We also help kick on initial engagements to optimize messaging based on customer feedback. We will help you lead highly motivated teams that exceed aggressive quantitative business objectives.

“We leverage technology to deliver innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions.” – Mike McLaren, CEO

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Wi-Fi Has Become a Life Line

Judging from the movies we watched such as Outbreak and Contagion people did see this coming, but I am not so sure the general population ever thought it could happen to them and that the consequences would happen so fast. As I was walking through the produce isle and seeing that chicken and milk were no longer options and I was staring down 3 weeks (at least) of shelter in place it became very real very fast.

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